May 2012

Avid RC bearings, springs for big-bore shocks and b4 clamping hexes are now in stock.
View them here.

April 2012

Special price on lots of products.
View them here.

March 2012

BigBore collars for the AE 1/10 scale shock are now available.
View them here.

November 2011

Tapered pistons for the Durango bigbore shocks, are now available.
View them here.

September 2011

5/64" Silicone Nitride thrust balls are back in stock and ready to ship
View them here

8-racing carbon parts are now is stock. View the range here:

Teflon suspension washers are now in stock.
Remove that slop today

August 2011

"High quality made in Germany" P-DubRacing will be stocking 8-racing carbon parts for 1/10 & 1/8.
For more informaiton visit the 8-racing website: (currently only in German)

Congragulations to Neil Crag & Paul Bradby on finishing 1st & 2nd in the BRCA 2wd national championships.

May 2011

Bradders Celebrates his TQ And Win.

Pic Courtesy of

Zen Cart